Stunning & Beautiful Built-Up 3D Letters in Newcastle upon Tyne

Add some oomph to your brand with our carefully produced built-up 3D letters. Whether you are looking for signage letters, freestanding letters or shapes that will pop off the walls, we bring your logo to life.

City Signs manufacture CNC cut 3D raised letters in a variety of materials. Based on your requirements and application, we can identify what material would work best. Whether it is aluminium, stainless steel or acrylic, our 3D built-up letters are manufactured using premium quality materials.

3D Lettering Services in the North East

From technical design and personalisation options through to fabrication and installation – we have produced hundreds of 3D lettering signs across the North East.

We will run you through the aspects you must consider and create bespoke 3D signs that work for your business and location.

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